Friday, 18 January 2008

What An Odd Lot II

Ok, so I finally managed to list my new gorgeous glass!

I have listed them in sets of 5 large spree beads.

If you prefer pillows in the same glass, or even etched sprees or etched pillows? Let me know.

I have made a pillow shaped bead of each colour which I have etched. Just to experiment! Glad I did, the result are amazing. The colour is so striking and the swirls even more visible.

Painted Desert / Cosmic Swirl

(For anyone that doesn't know what etching means - to etch a bead involves dipping the bead in an acidic solution for approx 10 - 15 minutes. This removes the shine, mattifys the surface and depending on the glass, you can see the detail much more. I LOVE the organic feel to these beads, although it is personal choice.)

Smoke Circles / Light Jasper

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