Sunday, 22 May 2011

Otley Show 2011

Yesterday I went to Otley agricultural show with some of my friends. It was such  a fab day, the Birds of Prey team were there, which is the main reason why I went.

The show the lads put on was absolutely brilliant! 
 I think the star of the show was the black kite. He was awesome!  When he was flying around, he was mobbed by two arctic terns! they looked liked angry little angels!! Anyway, Benji stuck a chicks leg in his mouth, the kite swooped down to grab it out of his mouth! I can`t quite believe I managed this shot!!

Gyr Falcon didn`t fail to impress us all.... until he flew up into a tree and wouldn`t come down!

Jerry the Eagle Owl was so vocal, answering Benjis questions with a sqwalk! It was too windy for him. He was blown off course onto a nearby house roof and had to be retrieved. Bless!

In the time it took Joe to retrieve Jerry, Benji let the Barn Owl fly around for a little while. He is so well trained... he found a few perches on some lucky kids gloves. 

I met an ultra talented artist called Nolan Stacey. He draws in pencil. 
There was a print of a Golden Eagle he`d done, I really really wanted. It was incredible. 

His Hare drawings we amazing too. He managed to capture that wildy look in his eye. Check him out here, and you`ll see what I mean -

There was crazy New Zealander sheep shearer there too he was sooo funny, a little bit obsessed with sheep... if you know what I mean.
He trained his sheep to dance. He was nuts!!  I forgot the link to his website, but I captured it on video, so I can watch it over and over again... haha!

The pygmy goats and ferrets were so cute too, if a little stinky!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


Clare x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bird Of Prey Workshop with Paul Miguel

On Saturday I headed over to Masham for one of Paul Miguels Bird Of Prey Photography Workshops. 

Luckily the weather forcasters were wrong, instead of gloomy dullness and showers there were sunny intervals and really good light! 
Luck was definately on our side.

I was completely blown away by the absolutely stunning birds. There was an Eagle Owl, Long Eared Owl, Little Owl, Barn Owl and Gyr Falcon. 

My favourites were the Eagle Owl and Gyr Falcon. It was amazing to b eable to get so close to these birds... I even managed a sneaky stroke of the Eagle Owl.. he was so gorgeous!!

If you can get over for one of these workshops held by Paul Miguel you won`t be disappointed. A yummy lunch was prepared too!

I`d go one one every day if I could!

I have attached a few piccies from the day, I hope you like them.

 The birds are from from Ben Potters Birds of Prey and Displays ~ check him out here.