Thursday, 12 April 2012

Beads Glorious Beads!


I`ve been feeling really rather inspired lately.... I think the energy from the sun is harnessed by my teeny tiny little brain cells producing some.. actually, lots and lots of quite wonderful sea inspired big holed beads.

Ok, well maybe there hasn`t been much sun... and I guess my natural creativity doesnt need much persuasion to create so here goes.... an oceanic little lot for you to  have a peek at.
Hope you like them!

They have proven to be ever so popular with my new ebay customers, who have given me lots of lovely feedback... =)

They have definately been keeping me out of mishchief, that`s for sure.
Hopefully I`ll be able to get out photographing the Dragonflies soon... won`t be long now!

Whatcha doin' still reading... get biddin'!

Thankyou for supporting Handmade.

Clare x