Friday, 15 May 2009

Back from Mull.....

We returned on Sunday, but I haven`t had chance to blog until now.
We had such a magical time, the weather was truly miserable, but I guess you dont go to Scotland for the weather :)
We stayed in a static caravan.... which I was a little unsure of - I`d never stayed in a caravan before, but this caravan overlooked the sea eagle nest site at Loch frisa, so I guess I`d give it a go. - this is where we stayed. We stayed in one of the three caravans on the site - 'Aros' which overlooks the nest site. I would advise you stay in Bellart as it overlooks the area where the sea eagles land (on the 'Standing Stones' at Tenga) when they are hunting for food. We`ll stay in this one next time :)
We couldn`t ask for a nicer, cleaner, friendlier place to stay. Sam and Rob the owners were lovely - the caravans are part of a working highland cattle farm, set in 100 acres of land. The calving pen was right by the gate, so every time you went out or came back in a soggy slimey furry gorgeous baby calf had arrived.
They asked me to have a look at one of their new calves eyes when they found out I was a veterinary nurse. Poor little thing had cataracts and was quite weak, but still feeding from his mother. Must find out if he is still with us.....

Rain rain and more rain, oooh and lots of hail. I swear the caravan was going to re-enact the scene out of the Wizard of Oz when the house gets sucked up in the whirlwind!!! We went to Tobermory Distillery where we had a wee dram of Whiskey. God that stuff is strong!! Wow!

On the Thursday (the best day weather-wise) we went out with Richard Atkinson of - a thoroughly nice bloke with a passion for wildlife.
We saw sea-eagles, harriers, golden eagles, otters, buzzards, even a 'twite' hahaha!

I`ve uploaded a few pics to my flickr account if you fancied a peek.