Monday, 30 June 2008

Champagne Jewellery

The collection features unique glass beads created from Champagne bottles set in Sterling Silver jewellery.

Perfect for brides to have a lasting memory of their special day.

A Glass bottle from a customer’s Wedding day can be turned it into beautiful jewellery, whether it is a pair of earrings or a charm bracelet which can be added to as the years go by, the bespoke jewellery will remind a bride of her special day.

‘The order book is fizzing with requests from new Brides, Brides-to-be, Bridesmaids, new Mother`s in Laws, even Grooms!’

The new collection is proving to be an instant hit with brides. A few customers have started to collect bottles from every wedding anniversary which will in time create a bracelet full of happy little recycled beady memories.

The range is also perfect for other special occasions such as Valentines, an Award Ceremony, Anniversary, or holiday to name just a few! I am not limited to Champagne bottles, your favourite red or white wine will create stunning jewellery too.

‘Surprise your new Husband with a pair of cufflinks made with his favourite lager or beer bottle!’

During a Bridal Evening in York with Celebrity stylist Bradley Taylor, Clare`s new concept in jewellery technique & design was highly praised.

Clare creates unique handcrafted beads from glass using the age old art of lampworking. This involves manipulating glass over an oxygen and propane fuelled torch in her studio. Clare works with 925 Sterling Silver and her unique glass beads to create stunning and individual designs.

‘Each bead is truly unique. That is the fascination of handcrafted art’

Prices Start From £50 - any design in my collection can be used.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Awards II

Ok, I had a few people in mind for this one, as I wanted to check if it was ok to give awards to people without blogs....... so this award goes to Jo Rohrer at Glasstales, , an established UK Lampwork artist. She is such a generous, confidence boosting, informative lady who helped me so much in the early days, giving me a huge amount of support and even visited me at my first bead fair. All this shows in her beautiful glass beads. So big hugs and huge amounts of thanks. Why dont you go and see for yourself.....

Monday, 23 June 2008


I've just had the honour of being awarded this lovely award from my lovely beady friend Catherine of La Perle Jewellery -
It's the "Arte Y Pico" Award which is The Creativity and Art Award.
Thanks Miss La Perle it is truly an honor to accept it!! Unfortunately I could not be there in person......! haha!
I now have the honour of passing it on to 5 other fantastically talented people.

Ok, awards go to - not in any particular order, (I couldn`t include a few people as they didnt have blogs...booo!) - Billie's gorgeous lampwork beads and a lovely lady too. - Check out Kara`s beautiful jewellery & generous Charity donations. - Michelle`s amazing wire creations. I will soon be the lucky owner of one. - Well, MLP - what can I say!! I`d have given you an award anyway! ha! x

I will award the last award tomorrow........

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Can I have a drum roll please?!!

is now
Sounds a little more professional huh!
Sooooo........if you have any links to my jewellery site, would you mind changing it.
Thankyou :)

Ethical Jewellery Collection

Karen Hilltribe silver is featured in my ethical designs. This fair trade silver has a 99.9% pure silver content. I love the beads, the texture, so organic.

I think they work beautifully with my handcrafted art glass beads -