Thursday, 18 September 2008

Poor little sparrow....

I was in the kitchen making my breakfast this morning when I heard a loud meow. It didnt sound like one of my cats... I found myself saying 'hello' dont know why, like I thought the cat would answer me?!! I went to investigate..... I walked out of the kitchen to find my cat looking very pleased with himself. He had brought me a little sparrow prezzie. The problem is it was half dead. I picked it up and ran round the house to find a box to put it in... found one, lined it with my black tissue paper (which isnt easy with one hand!) and proceeded to place the little bird in. Well, the bird wasnt as injured as I had first thought, It flew straight out of the box, past the cat which chased it down the garden. The next thing I heard was a loud crash as the cat launched into a bush the bird had flown into. I ran down the garden to try to rescue the bird again (with my tiger slippers on!!) but there was no bird, or cat for that matter in sight! Wierd! the cat is now firmly in my bad books.

What I was meaning to write was I have much better photos today - yesterday was not a good photo taking day! Here`s a preview:

Oh and a shell.... I made a shell!