Friday, 30 September 2011


SO! First and foremost,


Orders have been coming in thick and fast, I guess now it`s the run up to Christmas. 
If I`m not adding new designs to my Website & Etsy shop I`m working on orders, so don`t forget about me ok!

Website - 

Facebook Fanpage currently stands at 1,518 likers! yippeee! =)

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic to say the least, cool, but busy.

I was asked by Ben Potter, from Ben Potter Birds of Prey Displays & Shows, 
if I could take some photos for his website and advertising.

Obviously I jumped at the chance to have eagles 
and falcons flying full pelt at me, landing just inches from my head. 
Defo up for that!

It was the best few days (I am a bird geek). Really enjoyed it. Cheers guys.

It looks like Bens team have finished touring this year, but do check their diary for next year... the shows will be even more amazing next year!

Squires Biker Cafe

Squires Bikers Cafe had their Annual Show. I was there for the weekend photographing bikers and their bikes.. I was taken for a rideon one, with a far from sober biker, ha! It was this beautiful red Triumph rocket 3 below...

I met Mark Gowlett there, Owner of REV'DUP Polish Professional Motorcycle Cleaning Products.

Check out his website - or facebook fanpage -

The customer Gallery is full of sparkly bikes that have just been given the 'Rev'dup' treatment!

My love of Motorsport has grown stronger since last weekend... guess what?!
 If everything goes to plan I might be going over to photograph the Isle of Man TT next year! how exciting is that!!

Check out Moggy and Pikey on their Captain Americas!

If anyone knows of anyone in the motorsport world.. Bikes / Touring Cars / rally / F1 (hmmmm now that WOULD be awesome!) etc let me know, pretty please! I would LOVE to.
 It reminded me of trogging down to watch the Lombard RAC Rally and Hillclimbs all those years ago, the few days my Dad was around to take us out ha ha! I guess theres a few things I have to thank him for.

I`ve also been playing with some pretty cool photographic techniques that make my photos look like paintings. I visited Plumpton and Brimham rocks, took a few piccies and tadah! this is what I achieved...

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I recently visited YSP to see Jaume Plensas Exhibition. Men covered in letters from the alphabet.  Its like an English Literature Teachers dream. 

I love Barbara Hepworths sculptures. 

The End.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Love and bye,

Clare x