Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year Beads

Today....Well, yesterday to be completely correct... I created some nuggety textured beads. I love them....they are sooooo strokeable! Some great beads to kick start the year. they are quite different. I loooove making them.
They are made with my glass of the moment - Double Helix. The top ones are 'nyx' randomly encased with clear. The metallic sheen of the glass can be seen where the glass hasn`t covered the base.
The lower set is ivory,'psyche' and clear. Again, randomly encased. These have more of an organic feel.
I wish you could see the beads in real life - they don`t look their best in the photos.


Kutuu said...

Oh I like those green ones!


Ps: You're added! :o)

CraftyClare said...

Thanks Hannah. Still loving your moon earrings.... xx