Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The birds and the beads....

Well, things seem to be coming along swimmingly here in beadworld. Beads keep falling off mandrels... birds keep flying past my camera, so I guess things are on the up! I`m so looking forward to spring

I`m offering 10% discount on beady purchases over £30, with free shipping... who could possibly pass that up?!

The lovely Kaz at cheeky cherub designs asked me to test out some of her murrini... I think I`m a little bit in love with these beadies. 
They are made with her 'Firestarter' Murrini. 
I called them Volcanic Shores.

These are made with her 'Pansies' Murrini.
I call them 'Botany Springs'

Silver Turquoise Seas Nuggets


Thought you might like to see a few Red Kite shot I`ve recently taken... Flickr group BBC Springwatch made one  favourite again... yay!

 Hope you are having a great week.

Lots of Love,

Clare x

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Kristi Bowman said...

I love your beads Clare, one of these I will get some. I should go take a look and see if some of my favs are in your shop and take advantage of your sale.

Your bird photos are absolutely stunning, I always look for them on flickr and wonder how you manage to get so many amazing shots.