Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stone-Age beads....

Two blog updates in two day?! 
That`s virtually unheard of in these parts.

Well, I`ve just been so busy thinking up new beadies for you, I thought you`d want to see them! 

This set has to be a favourite of mine, I love the way dark silver plum reacts in certain temperatures... the peacock, oil slick colours are amazing. 
I have named them 'Primitive'

Someone commented on my beads today - they said 
'your work is so natural and flowing(organic)' 
I was soooo happy! I just love the outdoors, and if this can be seen in my beads, that is wonderful.

These beads are called 'Indigenous'.
They are made with the same glass as the ones above... 

Some more beautifully organic beads...

'Rivers of Babylon'

And last, but not least...

'Enchanted Forest'
Just like the pillows I made the other day, but in nugget form.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my beadies.

Have a great weekend,