Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Organic Pantry Nature Walk

Yesterday I was invited to join a Nature walk around The Organic Pantry, located at St. Helens Farm, Newton Kyme, Near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. 

St Helens Farm consists of 273 acres of mixed cropping. 
Situated between Tadcaster and Boston Spa the soil type is very much limestone based. The upside of that is that the soil is free draining the downside is the there is constantly rock and stones coming to the surface.
The farm runs down to the River Wharfe. A 20 acre Ings field which is in the Countryside Stewardship provides a habitat for no less than 54 species of birds.

The walk was lead by Mark, who works at the farm (is the keenest twitcher I know)... and his boss Jonnie Watson who informed us about the farm history and the interesting finds on his fields... a Roman bead, brooch, flint dagger, lots of coins, roof tiles etc... but the most interesting part for me, was of course, the nature. 
The walk was intended for the customers of the Organic Pantry, I came along to take piccies and carry binocs and books... all good fun. 

During the walk we managed to spot a kestrel sitting on a post, a magpies nest, a Comma and Tortoiseshell butterfly, a Crow having a dog-fight with a Sparrowhawk, a jay, a few Kingfishers, a buzzard, a Speckled Wood butterfly to name a few....

It was so great to be out in the fresh air. 
What better way to spend your Sunday morning?

For more information about The Organic Pantry click here - http://www.theorganicpantry.co.uk/


~ Today`s news ~

I went out for a walk to my usual 'butterfly patch this afternoon... there was a new kid on the block.... a COMMON BLUE! Awesome. He`s a shy one... but I managed to get grab this shot.


...and not forgetting the real purpose of my blog... BEADS!!

I have some new beadies needing a good home,

I think I`m into swirls at the mo. Don`t you?! 

I`ve updated my website

or, if you prefer Etsy,

....any questions, please contact me at claredscott@hotmail.com

Thanks for stopping by,

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