Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesdays beadies....

Happy Wednesday!

Are you having a good day? It`s pretty damp and miserable here, however, that is not going to stop me making my beadies!

A few beads to show you... see what you think.

Oh yes - I bought a Niger seed feeder for the Gold finches the other day.... only took them a day to find it! now when I look out of the contervatory I can see them feeding :) a Red Kite flew over the house, a Great Tit and his babies came to the bird table, Coal tits, blackbirds, and the usual sparrows were out in force! I`m so lucky to have them visit.


Clare x


Silly Moo said...

niger seed is fab we used to use it all the time, i loved the bird boxes and the babies every year. we are lucky to have them very lucky indeed. springwatch though is not the same without bill

Beads by Clare Scott said...


They love love love it! There were six around the feeder this morning! They were arguing over who was to get a bite and who wasn`t!!

Springwatch is great isnt it. It`s not the same without Bill.. I think he had some troubles... although I really like watching the presenters interaction! Chris is such a know it all (which is possibly why he got the job???!!! Maybeee!)
Hope you are ok,

Clare x