Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summers Continuum

Today was the HOTTEST day this year... and don`t we know it!! I stayed in most of the day cleaning out beads, photographing beads, uploading piccies of beads, sorting, packing orders etc etc! Faaaar too hot for me! :)

Just thought I`d show you a few piccies. I know it`s late, but I`ve had a really good day... I don`t want it to end. I have realised, even if I`m busy with the beads it doesn`t compare to the stressed feeling I was getting in full time employment. Even though I work ten times more hours a week! Ah well, I don`t know what I would do without my beadies to keep me occupied, I really don`t.

Sleep tight,

Clare x


JessamineDesigns said...

It really has been blummin hot today! Those beads are all gorgeous, and I love the new way you're doing your piccies :D

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

ooooh, Clare, that top set is fantastic!! <3

Mel P said...

Scrummy beads Lovely Lady. Heaven know how you are making beads in this heat, don't get me wrong sunny = good but it also = too hot and VERY GROUCHY in this house :0) Have a cooler day today xxxx

sassyglassdesigns said...

Your beads are gorgeous...I am kind of missing lampworking.