Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Oh dear.....

The clutch has gone in my boyfriend`s car and it`s going to be expensive.... something to do with a dual mast fly wheel or something or other! Boooo :(

So, I have added lots of beads to the
Destash! bead page to help pay for it. Once the're gone, they`re gone!

P.S I seem to be having a few glitches with my email... so if you have sent me any messages, I am not ignoring you - please resend them :)


Clare x


eve said...

What a nightmare, that is a big job, and it will cost a small fortune, i know as last yaer the same thing happened to our car, plus everything else, will get over to your site to see what i like,x

Beads by Clare Scott said...

Aww thankyou Eve, bless your heart. The car is in the in the garage now. He`s only had the car for 6 months which is a shame, but hey, brown smelly stuff happens doesn`t it. I`m thinking positive, at least the engine hasn`t blown up or something worse xx