Sunday, 9 August 2009

Beads and Beyond Feature

My beads have been featured on the front cover of 'Beads and Beyond' magazine in Eve Smith`s 'Eternal Beauty' necklace - they are the turquoisey shard ('Ethereal') beads below.

Thankyou Eve so much for you hard work.

You can see Eve`s beautiful designs on her website -


eve said...

Oh thanks clare, can't wait till i get the other set, my hubby sent payment when i was working, just in he had my tea ready with a glass of wine,

Beads by Clare Scott said...

Bless his little cottons! What a cool hubby :) Your beadies are all wrapped up and ready to go. Can`t believe you had to work - the sun was shining lots xx

East Of Eden Gems said...

Congratulations Clare and Eve! Eternal Beauty is gorgeous.
Lesley xx