Thursday, 16 April 2009

Charity Beads

There is a local 14 year old boy who is going on a 'young people`s pilgrimage' to Lourdes.
He needs to raise £500 to enable him to travel by bus to the town with other students at his school.
Whilst he is there he will help support the sick, frail and less able people during their stay in Lourdes.
I think this is a really fantastic thing to do, which is why I am having an 'auction' for these beads over the next month. Just email me with the amount you would like to bid for the beads -
100% of the proceeds will be given to him to put towards his pilgrimage.
He is working so hard for this money - doing odd jobs around the garden, cleaning cars, cleaning windows etc for people in the community, it has not been handed to him on a plate. He is a real pleasure to meet.
A big thankyou to anyone who is able to contribute.
(The set consists of 7 large glass pillow beads with semi precious stone spacers. The lampwork glass beads are deep transparent amber with dark silver plum and desert chameleon shards wrapped over the surface)

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