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Published again! This time it`s Global Aviation Magazine



For those of you who don`t already know, I am quite a keen Photographer. This Year has been incredible. I have definitely found my niche in the field of Aviation.
My photographs can be seen on my website -
Vulcan To The Sky 
 I was recently invited by Kev Rumens, Display Pilot on the Vulcan, to spend the day with the Vulcan To the Sky Team and to photograph the last Fight of the Season.

Saturday 29th September arrived. I was so excited! the skies were perfect, a beautiful blue, with white fluffy clouds, really give another dimension to my photographs. You can even see the skys reflection on the nose of one of my shots below.

I donned a lovely shade of fluorescent yellow vest and off I went with the Team.  The engineers were busy preparing her for her final flight of the 2012 Season. Checking everything was in perfect working order.

I climbed up the yellow ladder into the cockpit. It was sooo tiny! I had been pre warned about its size as my dad used to fly Vulcans. I don`t know how they managed long journeys with a full crew!

By this time the Engineers had moved away from the Aircraft, which let me take advantage of the clean background around the aircraft for some shots.

I really wanted a head on shot of her, the steps weren't available, so I clambered up onto the roof of a transit van to enable the shot I had in my mind. Success!

Watching everyone working together was fascinating. As the engines started the communication between the crew changed from voice, to sign language.

Crew: Captained by Bill Ramsey, his first flight in charge this Season. Kev Rumens was co-pilot, Andy Marson, navigator, Barry Masefield as the AEO. The flight over Kemble saw Bill Ramsey perform a display in front of an authorised CAA examiner in order to obtain his display qualification which will be vaild for the 2013 season.

As she taxied out everything suddenly became so real. It was almost like she had burst into life, like she knew it was her last flight of the Season and it was going to be a fantastic one infront of all her fans!

Her route comprised of:

Doncaster, Bitteswell, Coventry Airport, Birmingham Airport, RAF Cosford, Staverton, Filton, Cardiff, St. Athan, Ross-on-Wye, RAF Halton, RAF Cottesmore, RAF Waddington, RAF Scampton, then home to Doncater.

As she approched Doncaster Airport, she flew directly over our heads, bathed in beautiful evening golden light, as she flew into the circuit to prepare to land, which she did in style. Those huge delta wings acting as an air brake, her nose finally touched down way down the runway.

As she taxied home you could feel mixed emotions. Joy, relief, excitement, tinged maybe in part with sadness, as this may be the last flight ever... maybe. I hope not. I guess that will be down to donations from the public.

With the Crew safely on the tarmac I took the opportunity to photograph them, looking very smiley as the sun was setting.

XH558 is now tucked up in her Hangar at Robin hoods Airport for the Winter, if you`d like to see her up close, the Trust organise Hangar tours for the public to see her in all her glory.

Massive thanks to Kev and Toni for such a magical day.

Hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I did taking them.

You can see more of my Vulcan Photographs in the November Edition of Global Aviation`s Online Magazine. 
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