Sunday, 12 July 2009

Talented customers...

'Hawthorne & Gorse' by Hilary

Well, I knew all my wonderful customers/friends were talented, just have a look at my customers gallery - it is bursting full of wonderful jewellery created with my beads.
These lovely people are gifted in other ways too!

I love finding out about people, especially their creativity, it is so exciting. I am so rubbish at talking about myself (I`m sure you don`t want to read about my boring life!), so I thought I would add to my blog a bit of info about these hidden talents.

Hilary and Jenny are sisters who share a love of making jewellery.... and as it turns out... photography.
Every now and again I am lucky enough to be emailed their wonderful photos. They especially interest me as I share their love of nature.
'Hogweed' by Jenny

Hilary and Jenny`s photographs are in this post - which I`m sure you`ll agree with me are fantastic.

Thankyou Hilary and Jenny xx

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eve said...

I agree what a beautiful shot, love it,x