Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Website issues!!

I could scream! I`ve been trying to update my website all day... will have to wait for the people at mrsite I guess...... grrr!

Anyway, I have created some glass beads from Champagne bottles which are available for you to buy. Exciting! They are a beautiful deep rich green colour obviously this varies with the type of Champagne bottle, but I`ve not had a yucky green yet!
Alternatively, you can send me your special occasion bottle so I can create beads for your own very exclusive and luxurious designs.


Anonymous said...


I emailed you some time ago but haven't got a reply so I thought I'd try leaving the message here.

I was interested in the beads that you make from champagne bottles. Is it possible to make a similar bead from another sort of glass ? I am due to get married in 2009 in a jewish wedding ceremony. At the end of the wedding, a glass is stepped on and broken. People sometimes save the shards and have them embedded in resin as a paperweight or keep them in a vial as a souvenir. Could the remains of the glass be made into a bead to be worn as a pendant or bracelet charm ?

Here's a link to the type of glass we will be likely to use -

You can contact me at hc07bpg(at)leeds(dot)ac(dot)uk

I look forward to hearing from you.



CraftyClare said...

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply - I ama fraid I didnt receive your email. I have now replied, any probs please email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you,