Friday, 11 April 2008

Bead neglect.

Ok, I havent actually been neglecting beads. I couldnt. I haven`t been great at adding new beads to my site.

I have two new sets available to you - my lovely bead friends,

and a brand new bead shape - which I adore.

So chunky and gorgeous (unlike the description) - The barrel.

I`ve been playing with my silver glass (aren't I always!) and am so so so so pleased with what came out the kiln this morning. (Well strictly speaking I was really excited last night before they went in - reducing glasses dont change much when they have been in the kiln - but I cant get properly excited until I know they have survived the graveyard that is the kiln)

Oh lordy, I shut up now and show you........ I`m like a kid in a sweet shop!

'Mystical Barrels'

Fascinating silver blue & golden glass encased in clear. I could sit and look into them all day.

'Venus Planets'

Similar to the old favourite 'Psyche Planets' just darker and a little greener. Still as beautiful.

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