Thursday, 20 March 2008

Artery Gallery

I designed a new bangle/bracelet called 'Entwined'.
I think, well at the moment... i go through phases.... making jewellery for myself.... havent got bored with this one yet. I love it. You will see what you mean if you are lucky enough to wear it. Chunky beads with woven Sterling Silver wire. Just simple. Just gorgeous.
Artery Gallery in Scotland have one, along with some co-ordinating jewellery from my collection I sent them today to display.
The jewellery is in the colour schemes of 'planets' & 'teal green with Silver rich trails'.
The Gallery sounds like a beautiful place with so many highly talented people. They have two Galleries - one in Crieff and the other in St. Andrews (where the golf course is) they will have heaps of tourists to take my jewellery on little holidays.

I feel so sad when I send off my little parcels to Galleries, but I know they will give their new owners so much joy.


Ali P said...

Hi Clare,
I've just discovered your blog, and wanted to say hello. I love the colours of the beads in your bracelet.
If it's OK with you I'd like to add a link to my own blog, so I can check in and see what lovely new beads you are making.
I already have one set of your beads that I'm making into a bracelet and pendent - just waiting for a clasp and some more findings to arrive so I can finish them off, so I'll give you a shout when I'm done so you can see the results ;) Ali

CraftyClare said...

Hi Alison,

Really lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well.
Thankyou so much for adding me to your blog.
I am being a bit slow adding new beads to my blog - I`m a lampwork bead machine at the mo - getting ready for Nantwich bead fair. My back aches this morning - dont realise lampworking was so strenuous!!
I`ll add you to my link page too on my bead website - my jewellery one doesnt have a link page. I really like getting link swap offers from people - more beady friends :)
Looking forward to see what you are going to do with them!
If you would like a pic of your finished piece in my customers gallery you are more than welcome.

Clare x

Ali P said...

Thanks Clare,
Sounds like you are pretty busy at the moment - if only massage could be virtual - I do aromatherapy as well as jewellery :)
I look forward to seeing your new beads as and when you get time to post and I'll send you my pics when the bracelet and pendant are finally finished.

CraftyClare said...

Can you even imagine how wonderful that would be?! A little Jasmine would be simply sooooper!
Clare x